Can the light with high quality like shadowless light be mounted on a head light? Can any stress be reduced by pursuing comfort to wear and move? We aim to harmonize “high quality light” and “design”. OPELA III was developed by professionals being popular worldwide to gather each technique.

Professional for “Surgical Light”

“If such light stick to quality like shadowless light is on the forehead, any operation can be done easier” such a voice from doctors has made me move forward.

CEO of Synqroa Co.,Ltd

Synchroa is an engineering company which can introduce the know-how of lighting technology cultivated in medical industry to the general lighting industry and at the same time can offer the latest application with visualization technology and unique algorithm. The company has succeeded in developing a world flag ship surgical light. It specializes in electrical engineering and has designed medical lights(tracking device for infrared light) in the main operating room at world know NH(US National Science Institution of Health). It also acquire high reputation from industry for its electric control technology, programming. along with advanced optical and light distribution design.

Professional for “Design”

Can a design expand a product to have more medical preference? We aimed to develop such a product which can connect medical sites and everyday scenes.

Seitaro Design INC. CEO

Involved with wide range of projects of art direction in various channels(graphic, WEB, space, product etc) and design work mainly in company branding or promotion design. Mr. Seitaro is a first Japanese corroboration designer in FRANZ COLLECTION. He has got many awards worldwide such as Design for Asia Award, IF Packaging Design Award, Ad stars, Good Design Award etc.