Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions
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Q  How is it defferent from conventional medical headlight?

A     Following are the major differences when compared with OR lights and medical headlights:
●Comparison with conventional OR lights
Most OR lights are permanently mounted on the ceiling or the wall which limit movement. Because of this, often the surgeon’s head casts shadows over the surgical field, making it dark and difficult to see the deeper areas.
OPELAIII allows freedom of movement without being tethered to the power outlet. And more importantly, the light source is on the forehead which can be adjusted to align with the surgeon’s line of sight for clear visibility.
●Comparison with conventional medical headlights
Most headlights put emphasis on brightness alone, but brighter does not necessarily mean better.
OPELAIII features a unique design with cutting-edge technology, and defines “Quality of Light” to be a balance of high intensity light, eye safety, shadow management, ability to illuminate deep cavities and their surroundings, with added benefit of ergonomic comfort when worn.

Q  In what instances is OPELAIII most useful?

A     OPELAIII can most effectively demonstrate its usefulness in such instances as follows:
●In situations where OR lights cause the surgeon’s head and/or instruments to cast shadows over the surgical field.
●When surgeons feel dissatisfied with their surgical headlights in terms of brightness, comfort, and lack of mobility.
●At hospitals and medical facilities where there is no adequate light to perform surgeries.
●During emergency situations in the field where urgent medical attention needs to be provided.

Q  What is the brightness level of OPELAIII?

A    The light intensity level of OPELAIII is 145,000 lux at a working distance of 400mm (16 inches).
This working distance of 400mm is considered the general distance from the light to the surgical field during actual surgeries.
At 145,000 lux, OPELAIII can illuminate brighter than majority of conventional surgical headlights in the market today.

Q  How does OPELAIII reduce shadows?

A    One of the revolutionary features of OPELAIII is that it has 3 LED lights as opposed to just one in most conventional surgical headlights. Together with our proprietary technology, these 3 LEDs illuminate at varying angles thereby enabling less shadows to form.

Q  How can OPELAIII reach such high intensity of illumination?

A    In order to make high illuminance a reality, it is essential to increase the power of LED. However, in doing so there will be too much heat generated. This challenge of managing heat is resolved with our patented heat sink technology where heat from all 3 LEDs is treated efficiently, thus allowing for high intensity illumination to be possible.

Q  Is it battery operated?

A    Yes, it is battery operated. The standard kit of OPELAIII comes with 2 batteries.
At full charge, one battery can last for approximately 3.5 hours continuously (at 70% of brightness level). Charge time is approximately 3.5 hours.
If longer surgeries are anticipated, it is recommended to purchase additional batteries. It cannot be directly connected to the power outlet while being used.

Q  Why is Nickel-metal hydride used instead of Lithium-ion for the battery?

A    Nickel-metal hydride battery is used in OPELAIII for stability and safety reasons.
Lithium-ion has the advantage in terms of its smaller size and longer operating time, however, there has been many reports of smoke and fire accidents due to overheating. It is also designated as hazardous material and discouraged from transporting aboard aircrafts.
On the other hand, NIckel-metal hydride is stable and safe to transport even as a carry-on baggage in passenger planes.
Considering safety as the top priority for users, Nickel-metal hydride has been selected as the battery for OPELAIII.

Q  How long is the warranty period and the product lifetime?

A    The warranty period is one year (three years in the USA) from the shipment date.
The lifetime of the product is 5 years if within standard usage and proper maintenance. See Instruction Manual for details.

Q  How to purchase OPELAIII, schedule a demo trial, or get more information?

A    View Testimonials and Downloads for more information about OPELAIII.
To get quotation and/or schedule a demo trial:
Phone: +81-3-5440-6273 (Japan)/+1-858-380-8105 (USA)