Commitment to Optimal Surgical Illumination

High intensity|3LED's enable high intensity light while retaining compact size

145,000 Lux (@400 mm or 16″)
Color Temperature: 4,500K
*Patented heat management technology

Reach Deep Areas|unique optical design penetrates illuminate periphery

Reach Deep Areas|Comparison image between OPELA3 and conventional head light

Shadow Reduction|Proprietary technology minimizes shadows from forming for clear visibility

Shadow Reduction|Comparison image between OPELA3 and conventional head light

Gentle to the Eyes|Fading contour reduces eye strain just as OR lights,unlike headlights

Optical characteristics comparison (for illustration only)

*Optical characteristics comparison (for illustration only)

Commitment to Mobility and Comfort

Battery powered and untethered.
Center of gravity is positioned as centrally as possible to reduce the feeling of weight.
Mobility|Battery powered and untethered.
Comfort|Center of gravity is positioned as centrally as possible to reduce the feeling of weight.


Product NameWearable Surgical Lighting System OPELA III
Model-H(High illumination model)
Central illumination (75 mm light field diameter)145,000 lux (at 400 mm or 16") ± 10%
Color temperature4,500K ±10%
Illumination adjustmentAdjustable (5-100%)
Illumination rangeVariable (diameter of 75-125 mm)
(at illumination distance of 400 mm)
LEDs used3 Power LEDs
Continuous illumination timeApprox. 2.5-6 hours per battery unit
(with light level set at 50-100%)
Ambient temperatureOperating: 15 to 32 ℃
Charging: 15 to 25 ℃
Storing: -40 to 60 ℃ (within 4hours),-20 to 40 ℃ (over 4hours)
Power consumption7.2 W
Input voltageDC 9 V
WeightMain unit: 390 g ± 10%
Battery unit: 480 g ± 10%
External dimensionsMain unit: W160 x H170 x D300-350 mm ± 10%
Battery unit: W140 x H100 x D50 mm ± 10%
Head circumference53-66 cm
Notification number in Japan 13B3X10231000001
FDA Listing No.
(Product Code)
D338313(HPP,Class 1)
D360523(FQP,Class 2)
D360534(FSQ,Class 2)
*Specifications may vary depending on condition and subject to change without notice.