QWhat is the difference in terms of conventional medical lights?
A● Comparison with shadowless lights.
The different point from shadowless lights is “the light source location” Shadowless lights are set both on the ceil or the wall, and have mobility, while OPELA III has a light source on the forehead which is closest to the line of sight. Therefore, the product can illuminate places difficult to see due to the head shadow of the surgeon or deeper place
● Comparison with head lights.
Different points from conventional head lights are “light quality” and “feel of wearing”
OPELA III has pursued “llight quality” such as high illuminance, blurring illumination area, adopting LED with high CRI. In addition, it focuses on “comfort to wear”, such as the design to be fitted on the head by a wide surface or setting center of gravity.
QHow can OPELA III be used?
A● In case to resolve the problem to cast a shadow on the surgical field of humans’ heads cutting off shadowless lights.
● In case to have compliant against current head lights in terms of illumination, feeling of wearing or mobility.
● In case to conduct surgeries at hospitals where big shadowless lights can not be set in operating rooms.
QWhat is the illuminant level?
AThe illuminance of the center of light is 145,000lux(with irradiation distance of 350mm) or 96,000 lux(with irradiation distance of 500mm)
As there is no international rule of irradiation distance for medical head lights, each manufacturing company are not the same. OPELA III is developed to illuminate brighter than conventional lights in a distance of 500 mm, close to the actual one and it has implemented 96,000lux.
QWhy can shadow be minimized?
AThough most of conventional head lights have one LED, OPELA III has 3 LEDs which
make shadows minimized since it can illuminate lights from more angles than now
(However, it has more shadows than shadowless lights it cannot eliminate light completely)
QHow can OPELA III be implemented high illuminance?
AIn order o implement high illuminance, it is essential to increase LED power and ,in this case heat treatment is most important issue. OPELA III has implemented high illumination with unique heat sink(patented) to treat heat from 3 LED lights.
QIs it battery applicable?
AIt is a battery applicable. The product is delivered with one unit and two batteries as a standard kit. Continuous illumination time per one battery is approximate
from 3 hours to 7 hours (with light level at 50% to 100%) and the recharge time is around 3 hours. If the product is used for longer surgeries, please purchase an
optional battery set. It can not be used with a cable directly connected to the power outlet.
QWhy is a nickel‐hydrogen battery used?
AFor OPELA III, a nickel-hydrogen battery is adopted in terms of stability and safety.A Lithium-ion battery has advantages of being small, able to be used for a long time, however, it has been reported many accidents of heating or overheating and it is designate as a hazardous material.On the other hand, a nickel-hydrogen battery has higher stability and safety, is easy to use and can be brought anywhere.
Considering mostly of the safety of wearers, we have adopted a Nickel in order for them to use OPELA III safely.
QHow long is a warranty period and a product lifetime?
AThe warranty period is one year from the date of the delivery.
The product lifetime is 6 years according to standard usage and adequate mainetenance.
QHow can the product be purchased?
AIf you wish to purchase OPELA III or try a demonstrator, please feel free to contact us at:
OPELA III contact phone number : 81-3-5440-6273(Monday to Friday from 10:00AM to 5:00PM)
Mail Address:info@opela3.com