Not just a shadowless light. Not just a headlight.
This is the next-generation medical light.
Our aim was to redesign the shadowless light essential for surgeries to better meet the needs of on-site staff.
What we created was a whole new product with high CRI and less shadow, its spec way over conventional medical headlights.
OPELAIII, wearable surgical lighting system, was launched on market in 2017.It has “clear vision” pursued by one of the top surgical light specialists and “high mobility and comfort” pursued by an experienced product designer.
It is the answer to physicians who have wished for a better light to see the affected area.
With 145,000 lux of light output, OPELA III, wearable surgical lighting system, will change the way of surgery not just in general hospitals but everywhere from local clinics to specialized medical environments.
Medical lighting systems are categorized briefly based on “illuminance” and “mobility”.
OPELA III is positioned as a new category, different from other medical lighting systems as it has high illuminance and high mobility with a battery, being free from a power cord.