Stick to light easy to see

Due to the idea of heat sink(patent and design registered) and three LEDs, high illuminance was implemented in spite of its compactness.
145,000 Lux(illumination distance 350mm)
96,000 Lux(illumination distance 500mm)
※ CRI/Ra : 90 or above (R1 to R15) R9:90, 4,500K

Due to a unique cross optical lighting distribution design, the field is deep and light can be reached to walls of the surgical field. The light is the one which can not easily create shadows of tips of fingers or instruments.

Cross-light distributing design

Normal Headlight

OPELA III has an optical design based on shadowless light standard. the light doesn’t give surgeons eyes any fatigue and is excellent to see.
Stick to comfort movement and fit

Comfort movement
Comfort fit
With battery power, any plug socket is not necessary, and wearers can move freely.
In order to reduce feeling load, its center of gravity is set at the middle of the main unit. With the structure holding the head on surfaces, it can fit to the head and
has a wearing feel not to feel pain easily.


Product NameWearable surgical lighting system OPELA III
Model-H(High Illuminnance model)
Central Illumination(field diameterφ90mm)145,000 Lux ±10% (Illumination distance 350mm)
96,000 Lux ±10% (Illumination distance 500mm)
Color temperature4,500K ±10%
Color renderingCRI/Ra 90 or more(R1 to R15) R9:90
Illumination adjustmentadjustable (5-100%)
Illumination rangeVariable (diameter of 90-150 mm) (at an illumination distance of 500 mm)
LEDs used3 Power LEDs
Continuous illumination timeApprox. 2.5-6 hours per battery unit (with light level set at 50-100%) * Referred figure per one battery unit in full charge
Ambient temperature and humidityin use 15-32, 20-86%RH (non condensing)
in full charge 15-25 20-85%RH (non condensing)
in stock -40-60℃(within 4hours) ,-20℃-40℃(over 4hours) 20-85%H(non condensing)
Power consumptionApprox. 7.2 W
WeightMain unit : Approx390g±10% Battery unit:Approx480g±10%
External dimensionsMain unit: approx. W160 x H170 x D300-350 mm±10%
Battery unit: approx. W140 x H100 x D50 mm±10%
Approx. user's headcircumference 53-66 cm
・Specification might be changed according to the usage. It might also be changed Without notice.