Can high quality illumination like the ones on ceiling-mounted OR lights be installed on a surgical headlight?
Can stress be minimized by enhancing comfort and mobility?
A collaboration by world renowned professionals has enabled to harmonize “high quality light” and “ergonomic design.”

 “Surgical Light” Professional

Voices from doctors saying, “How easier it would be if the same quality of light on OR lights could be emitted from the forehead during operations,” have steered me towards the creation of OPELAIII.

CEO, Synqroa Co., Ltd

Synqroa is an engineering company which has a vast know-how and experience in the development of optical lighting technology cultivated in medical industry, and it offers its expertise to the general lighting industry along with advanced application of visualization technology using a unique algorithm. Among its successful achievement is the development of a flag ship world-class surgical light. This exceptional surgical light with infrared tracking device is now being used in the main operating room at NIH (National Institutes of Health) in the USA. With its excellent reputation in electronics and programming, it has also gained global prestige in advance optical and light distribution design.

“Design” Professional

Can a creative design make a product more suitable for medical applications? We aimed at developing OPELAIII to embody a holistic, yet practical function as a medical headlight.

CEO,Seitaro Design INC.

Seitaro Design provides a wide range of creative direction in designs of various medium such as graphic, web, spatial, product, etc. for corporate branding and promotion. Yamazaki is the first Japanese collaboration designer at FRANZ Collection and has received multiple awards both in Japan and overseas including Design for Asia Award, IF Packaging Design Award, Ad Stars, Good Design Award among others.